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Biblica is responding to the crisis in Ukraine through digital provision of the Contemporary Ukrainian New Testament via app, and promoting this resource through various web tools and ads. Additional free resources are being made available for crisis and trauma response as requested through our Frontline Church and Rising Generation partners in Ukraine and surrounding countries serving the region.

[ Resources ]

The following resources are freely available for download and distribution.

Ukraine Bible App

The new Ukraine-specific Bible app is now available on Android in the Google Play store.

Already, we are seeing thousands of downloads from the region as hurting people seek comfort in God’s Word.

The Survivors (Ukranian)

The Survivors is a first response to provide children with a resource during moments of crisis.

Treasure Hunt Bible (Ukranian)

The Treasure Hunt Bible helps school-age children engage with the text of the New Testament for the first time.

Illustrated Mark (Ukranian)

The gospel of Mark is presented alongside thought-provoking imagery.

When Your Whole World Changes (Ukranian)

Based on excerpts from the Bible, this book brings unique perspectives to the experience of anxiety and suffering in the face of uncertain times.

Your generous giving helps broaden Biblica’s digital reach and equip our teams to respond rapidly as requests for printed crisis and trauma Bible resources are received.